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Tell me your story (then let's take hot af photos)

I always knew I wanted to be in the creative field, would you be shocked to know I originally wanted to go to school for graphic design?! Parents being parents, wanted me to have a more stable career leading me down the path to accounting and later getting my business admin degree. After working behind a desk I quickly realized my ADHD brain was going to get burnt out QUICKLY. 

I found photography in 2016 when my now husband bought me my first semi-professional camera to take pictures on vacations to our cabin in WV. Over the years I have tried my hand at almost every niche in the photography world but nothing felt quite as right as boudoir & branding for women. 

Women empowerment is what lead me here, fun ass women are what keep me inspired everyday! 

This whole story started when someone asked me to take some steamy (read: sexy as hell) pictures as a honeymoon present

Ashleigh here!

hi, i'm ashleigh

You're my girl, sign me up already

No is a complete sentence.
DO more things that make you smile
You don't always have to be available
replenish the cup you pour from often

It's so much more to me than money in the bank and a session on my books. It's showing women that we are allowed to take up space in a society that says we should do anything but. Showing them the way they carry themselves and speak their mind can be a powerful tool.

It took me YEARS to love and accept my body and find my voice. I am blunt, I am passionate, I am authentic, creative and trustworthy. But most importantly, I want to help you love and accept yourself faster than I did myself. Here are my tips to getting YOU back (and loving every ounce of the process).

I'm more than someone who clicks a button. I am a creative. I am a visionary. I am expressive. I am me!

sign me the fuck up

And by big, I mean 1000% inclusive. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe in, or what you look like, all women have a safe space with me, and all women deserve to have these photos that make them feel hot as fuck, and make them finally open their eyes to see what everyone around them sees - a badass woman who could conquer the world if she chose.

WE'RE BIG ON inclusivity


I want to own my space

Gone are the days of women making themselves feel small, taking up less space, and generally being ashamed of existing too brightly. I’m here for standing up for yourself - you can be a classy woman and still tell people to fuck off when needed. Over here at Meraki Soul Photos, we take no bullshit. Own your space and show up as you want to be seen.

I'm ready to feel like a baddie

You’re hot, girlfriend. Inside and out. I’m going to prove that to you. But more to the point, I firmly believe that if you have to fake who you are then you’re not only doing yourself a disservice by having to constantly put on a persona, but you’re doing even more of a disservice to those people around you by not letting them know the real you, who I guarantee is an awesome human.

WE'RE BIG ON authenticity


Let's do the damn thing

Ready to radiate so much confidence it makes your haters sick?