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A shit ton of self love, an almost insane level of confidence, that spark back in your self that reminds you that not only do you deserve to look good and feel good, but you deserve to own the space you’re in, hold your head high, and find that mindset shift that bring back the person you thought might be lost. 

Plot twist: between some perspective and a mindset shift, the light at the end of the self-love journey tunnel is not only achievable but so much closer than you thought. By the time we’re done, we’ll leave all your besties asking, "what the hell happened to you, and where can I get some?!”

& Here’s what I think you want: 


Where you can be whatever the hell you want to be

welcome to Meraki Soul Photos

Meet your new gal pal, Ash

I’m a blue collar wife and mama helping women find their identity amongst their never ending titles. I get how it feels putting everyone else's needs above yours. How tiring it is to be a working mama, unsure of yourself in your body, the overwhelming feeling of not knowing who you are anymore, but having that craving to find out. 

Being a woman is tough. fucking. work.

You deserve to get back that self-love, feel hot as hell in our incredible bodies, and walk away feeling like a new, confident person.

I went full-time as a boudoir photographer in 2022, and I haven’t stopped loving my job since. Women empowerment is what brought me here, fun ass women are what keep me inspired!

hot stuff, 


Let's do the damn thing!

You're ready to see yourself in a new perspective and face your insecurities.

You want intimate photos taken with someone you trust, someone who’s 1000% inclusive, and someone who welcomes everyone.

You’re ready to rediscover who you are outside all the hats you wear on a day to day basis.

You’re wanting to do a boudoir session for YOU first and foremost (but your partner getting some images is a bonus).


on the fence about whether boudoir is for you?

So, you’re the kind of babe that wants all the info?

Let's strip those insecurities

My advice: own that fear, do it anyway, get photos back that make you feel hot as hell.

When clients arrive at the studio ten out of ten times, unless they've worked with me prior, they are scared shitless to do the session and be that vulnerable with a stranger. Within 10 minutes, we’re laughing - 50% of the time it’s because I’ve already made a fool of myself, and 50% of the time it’s because you’ve seen the first couple photos and are finally seeing what I see. My favorite part of our sessions is when that flip switches in your brain, and you truly believe you are the most gorgeous thing on the planet (which, by the way, you are) and that you didn’t know why you ever thought any differently. This big AHA moment happens DURING your session, and so far, it’s a 100% success rate on making you feel incredible. 

You’re scared shitless of stripping bare. So what.

So what.

Taylor G.

I was super nervous going into the studio, I hadn’t been there 10 minutes and I was already laughing and the nerves were gone! I went in with an open mind and told Ash she had the floor and could do whatever she wanted and she worked her magic. She made the whole session a BLAST and there wasn’t a moment we weren’t laughing. I had told her during my session I wanted to see myself through my husbands eyes and get my confidence back, and she aced that test! From the moment I booked the session to weeks after we haven’t went without talking, she’s answered question after question and been the best damn hype women! I can NOT thank her enough for being such an amazing woman.

I wanted to see myself through my husbands eyes and get my confidence back

Macey P.

I found Ash when I was starting to find myself again and really wanted to learn how to love me, for me. After my first session I cried tears of joy and happiness while feeling nothing but strength and peace.

She captured parts of me that reflected the growth I had experienced, encouraged me every step and is beyond knowledgable in this industry. Her work is stunning but the best part is how she makes you feel.

I can't thank her enough for being a part of my journey to self-love! 

I cried tears of joy and happiness while feeling nothing but strength and peace

Caylee Wurster

I had so much fun with Ash! I was kind of nervous going into it because I am pretty introverted & honestly thought it would be awkward posing & such but she made it so enjoyable. From the minute I walked in she made me feel comfortable & welcome.

She helped me with my poses, fixed my hair when it needed, gave me guidance but in the nicest way. I just felt like I was hanging out with a friend. I loved every second of it & I love how all of my pictures turned out.

I was kind of nervous going into it because I am pretty introverted




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