Why I Finally Said, “Yes” After Years of “Hell No”

When I first started photography boudoir was nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE on my radar. Fast forward to me going full time in 2021 when I thought lifestyle sessions would be IT for me and then weddings shortly after. The big shocker to I’m sure everyone was in 2022 when I finally said, “yes” after years of saying “hell to the no”.

Boudoir never interested me from a photography stand point early on in my photography business. Living in a conservative community you’re taught to almost be put inside a box and “do’s & don’ts” and what’s deemed an acceptable career choice is anything but a boudoir photographer. The entire idea of helping women find their spark again had interested me but I was also in my own head that kept me from this niche for so long. 

“I don’t have the personality for it”
“I’m just going to make it awkward”
“What if I make someone feel worse about themselves”

“What will my family and friends say”

“There are other photographers offering it, why do I think I am good enough to, too”

You name the self doubting thoughts, I probably had them. 

In 2022 I pulled the trigger and shot my first session, EVER, thanks to a previous client feeling comfortable enough to ask me. I was going into this with ZERO knowledge before saying yes so I do what I know how to do best, hyperfixate and late night cram sessions on anything and everything boudoir related. Quickly I found numerous photographers and educators that I followed and soaked up as much posing as I possibly could before her session in just a few short weeks. 

Day of I was a NERVOUS WRECK. I was second guessing if I should have said yes and if this was about to be a giant mistake. I knew I had the basics down knowledge wise but putting them to test, that’s a whole other ball game and not something I felt super confident in at the time. 

When we arrived at the studio I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. Gone were the nerves and more importantly the self doubt. We hopped into the session and it quickly became a laughing girl hang out hour. Showing her the back of the camera two things happened that secured it for me that THIS is what I was meant to do.

One, hearing her say how much she loved each image/pose.

Two, seeing her mindset shift over the course of an hour. 

I realized quickly I was going to be eating my own words and that boudoir would be the one genre of photography I would want to focus all of my energy on. The capacity that it has to allow women to “get their pink back” is something that I will never stop preaching and is the #1 reason I love what I do. 

Boudoir is so much more than sexy photos in lingerie. It’s about women putting themselves first while leaving all their hats at the door for a couple hours to feel like “HER” again. That’s why I finally said YES and I don’t anticipate giving it up anytime soon.

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