Why Doing it For YOU Should Be Your #1 Reason

Here’s the thing, when was the last time your partner asked you if it was okay that they spent money or time for them to do something? Golf, hunting, fishing, sporting events, a day out with the “guys”, they always get to replenish their cups, without guilt, it’s about time you get to do the same. So here’s why doing it for you should be your #1 reason.

Listen, I get it. As women we are taught from an early age that we need to sacrifice for our families, which means our needs/wants are usually put on the back burner. I’m going to tell you a secret, you can only survive so long doing that before you’re an empty cup having nothing left to pour from. It’s time babe, doing it for you should be your number one motivator in booking the session. 

One thing I do not want for your session is you doing it solely because your partner wants you to do it, especially if it’s something you’re not comfortable with. Boudoir should be an experience that’s exhilarating to your mind, an experience that breathes life back into your spirit. 

It’s something I believe every woman should experience at least once in their lifetime. Hell, our bodies go through so many different seasons you should experience it multiple times! It has the capability to allow you to learn to love your body in THIS season. Let’s face it, motherhood, wife life, etc. aren’t always kind to us but we deserve to love ourselves in spite of all of that.

Allowing yourself to say, “It’s time I learn how to shut off the negative thoughts and appreciate the body that has carried me through so many seasons” is powerful alone, taking the step to doing it, it’s unlike anything you’ll experience. 

Do it for you, you deserve to refill your cup too girlfriend.

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