What to (& Not to) Bring to Your Boudoir Session

Something I touch on in my Session Survival Guide is what to bring to your boudoir session – and more importantly, what not to bring! This is the number one question asked amongst my booked clients, for good reason. You want to make sure you’re bringing enough to set you up for success (and make your photographer happy) while also shying away from things that may not be allowed during your session. Let’s hit on the things that I tell my girlies are a MUST BRING.

What to bring to your boudoir session | Woman sat in lingerie on a fur chair

Without further ado:

Here’s what to bring to your boudoir session:

Outfits with tags REMOVED

We love pre-removed tags to save not only time during your session from cutting them out, but also editing delay times should I have to edit one out. When it comes to your outfits my rule of thumb is bring more than your allotted amount and we will come up with a game plan together day of! You’ll be thankful to have too many rather than not enough!


You’d think this is self explanatory BUT you’d be shocked by the girls that forget water and are dying of thirst half way through their session. While most of the poses I guide you in aren’t strenuous by any means, you’re still going to get a workout and break a sweat.

Light snack

I get it, you don’t want to bloat but when that blood sugar drops, nobody is having a good time! Bring a small snack with you like fruits, veggies, or a granola bar in case you need a quick pick me up!


It helps give you that soft glowy look and let’s face it, moisturized skin is sexy skin!

Clothes for after your session

I always tell my girls to wear loose fitting clothing without undergarments underneath when arriving at the studio to ensure we don’t have to deal with indents on your skin. You’re going to want clothes for afterwards in case you decide to make a quick target or grocery run!

What should you not bring to your boudoir session?

NOW, I am DOWN for almost anything being brought to your session HOWEVER there are somethings that are straight up off limits for me in the studio so PLEASE for the love of pete don’t ever show up with these. 

  • Guns & knives
  • Illegal substances
  • Sex toys
  • Third party participants/spectators 

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