Why You Should Be Vetting Your Photographer

When it comes to booking a photographer for a boudoir session the decision on who you go with should not be taken lightly, or decided irrationally. Simply loving their work can’t do for this type of experience and you should 100% be vetting your photographer choice. Boudoir photography is inherently intimate, so here’s why you should be vetting your photographer.

What does vetting your photographer mean? Glad you asked! By vetting your photographer I mean checking them out and making sure they are going to provide you the experience you deserve. 

Why You Should Be Vetting Your Photographer | Woman posing for boudoir

Here are my top 5 things I tell people they should be looking for when booking a boudoir photographer:

Inclusivity in their portfolio.

Your photographer should be well versed in your body size and if you don’t see it in their portfolio that to me is a red flag. You want to be confident in their posing knowledge. How I would pose my size 20 body is not the same that I would pose my friend’s size 6 body. It’s crucial that they have this knowledge so that they can put you in positions and shoot in angles that make you love your body, not dislike it more.

Previous client testimonials

See if they have previous client’s experiences posts on their socials or review tabs. Look for a repetitive story amongst them, is there something they are all saying that sticks out about their experience? Sometimes I even encourage ladies to reach out to previous clients that photographer has worked with as well as vendors to see if there are any horror stories being hidden off social media.

Online presence for me is crucial

How do they show up? Are they consistent in where/how they post? What is their voice and messaging like, can you resonate with it? 

    Their approach and techniques

    I think this is the most important. If you’re looking for a photographer who is more editorial in their posing rather than “sex” like posing you want to see that showcased on their website and socials. You want to pay attention to things like their editing styles, if it’s not a style you love rarely will they adapt that for you. Look to see how they edit skin, some photographers have various levels they will edit skin texture but some also only edit a certain way and you want to make sure it’s in a way you want your final images to look like. 


      I know, boudoir is a luxury experience and with that comes that luxury price tag but I PROMISE you do not want to go cheap here. If someone is priced in the $100-$300 range for an all inclusive experience, they more than likely are newer to the industry and haven’t invested much into education just yet. The professional photographer who prioritizes education and constantly elevating your experience is going to be well worth the price you pay, I promise.

      Your photographer will make or break your experience, use these 5 tips to be intentional about who you get intimate with for your session.

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