When client’s arrive on the day of their session, 10/10 times they are scared shitless walking in, and it’s for reasons I FULLY understand and can relate to.

It’s hard being vulnerable in front of a stranger.

It’s hard not knowing if our personalities are going to click.

It’s hard not knowing if you’re going to love your images or not.

It’s hard pushing yourself into a zone you aren’t comfortable with.

I get it – you’re scared shitless of stripping bare, I would be too.

Let me tell you a secret, within 10 minutes you ARE going to be comfortable. We will be laughing and having a damn good time. You’re going to see the camera throughout your session to give you the confidence boost and reassurance that you desperately need to know THIS was just what you needed. 

My absolute favorite part of your entire experience is watching your eyes shine a little brighter when that mindset shift happens in your brain. You walk in unsure if this was the right move for you but after seeing the images straight out of the camera you question why you didn’t do it sooner. You are feeling like the bombshell you are and your entire posture shifts. You’re standing taller, starting to move around during your session in poses, your smile is shining through, you’re finally letting go of the idea you had in your head about who you were supposed to be in this season and become exactly why you NEED to be in this moment. You find yourself again. 

So you’re scared shitless of stripping bare. so what. My advice if you’re still on the fence of booking a session and letting fear stand in your way? Own it. Own that fear, grab it by the balls and do the session anyways. Your future self will thank you for it, girlfriend.

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